Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Victrola Favorites Pt. 1

Alvarius Burmese #7

Persian Art Song Bounce

674259 Greek

Showcasing some (other)worldy excursions and delectable diversions from the Victrola Favorites cassette series. Lovingly compiled by Robert Millis and Jeffrey Taylor of the wonderful Climax Golden Twins, the series documented an infatuation with old recordings from non-Western nations and cultures, sound reproduction and 1920's design. Recorded straight to DAT from a 1924 Victrola model, and then 'pressed' to cassette, with no intervening audio clean-up or processing, expect to hear anything from obscure Turkish and Burmese instrumental and vocal pieces to Chinese opera and "scratchy mountain music about liquor, heartaches and more liquor." Don't think these are still available to order, but look out for the forthcoming Victrola Favorites book and cd sometime this year on the sublime Dust-to-Digital label.

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Anonymous said...

I see some great music here, but all links are dead. Would it be possible to upload the Victrola Favorites again. Cheers, ed