Sunday, July 27, 2008

Solace Among The Ruins

Vokal Ansambl Gordela - Zinskaro

Rosy Parlane - Atlantis

Eduard Artemyev - Stalker

Autumn Rot by Vania Zouravliov


Amo ergo sum said...

Hi Ben,

Now this looks interesting... dont tell anybody but I so much more prefer this weird, avant, prog. stuff than some of the commercial crap that I have to put up with on my blog!

It would be a honour to have you host a link on my blog (could you please do the same, much appreciated?) Also, please give me 3/4 tags to describe and promote your blog - would make it easier to promote as well.

I truly love your style! Keep it up!

Amo ergo sum.


Amo ergo sum said...

quark strangeness and charm it is! Have you in the "Inter- Disciplinary/ Avant garde/ Experimental/ Prog" section



Amo ergo sum said...

Yes you are and I hope it will only get better, have you checked out these (they will be added tomorrow to my list_: (think you have this one already on your link list)

Going to bed now, its already 0200 in the UK and tomorrow have to go back to uni (phd)

Many thanks for adding my blog to your "consume" list. By the way is that picture at your "Zorch 'n' Roll" from a Lynch movie or is it a still from El Topo/ Holy mountain?

Take care and many thanks again


Ben said...

Funny, I'm also in the UK doing a phd!

The piccy fom the Zorch post is from a Herzog film called 'Even Dwarfs Started Small'. It's a hoot: